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Short Croatian Activist Video



Varšavska is Ours! – Eviction / 2010. / 2’43”
DANCE CENTER, 18.10.2010.,18.00
author: Jelena Svirčić
cinematography: Jelena Svirčić
edited by: Branko Vilus
production: H-alter
The video clip about the big eviction of the Varšavska Street activists carried out by the police shows that not all was strictly by the book as the police later claimed.

Kuleri na zrnu graška: Varšavska is Ours – A Video Clip / 2010. / 3’20”
DANCE CENTER, 18.10.2010.,18.00
authors: Billie Hewit Pavlica, Mara Bushill, Pia Bushill, Rok Jurčić, Tome Budanko, Janko Zechner
cinematography: Ivan Slipčević, Christian Bushill, Ana Hušman
edited by: Nicole Hewitt, Iva Kraljević, Ana Hušman
musical support: Igor Pavlica, Tomislav Domes
production: Studio Pangolin
The children of ‘Josip Juraj Strossmajer’ Elementary School wrote a song and came up with a video clip ‘Varšavska Is Ours’ as a support to The Right To The City initiative.

Limpid / 2009. / 4’28”
DANCE CENTER,19.10.2010.,18.00
authors: Pravo na grad i Zelena akcija
cinematography: Ana Hušman
edited by: Ana Hušman
production: Pravo na grad i Zelena akcija
31 March, 2009. In front of the City Assembly Hall, during the last session of the incumbent councillors’ tenure, The Right To The City and Green Action groups organized a promotional campaign for a new brand of top-quality mineral water – LIMPID. Promo water bottles were given to the councillors and members of the City Government. You are invited to visit

A Signature With Modifications / 2009. / 4’10”
DANCE CENTER, 19.10.2010.,18.00
author: Igor Bezinović
cinematography: Šuro Gavran
edited by: Iva Mrkić
production: Restart
On 20 May, 2009, Minister Dragan Primorac was a guest on Radio 101 in Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš’s talk-show. After a month of ignoring students’ demands for free education, a group of students was waiting for him in front of the Radio 101 building in order to inform him about their demands.

Kulmer palace / 2009. / 5’
DANCE CENTER, 20.10.2010.,18.00
authors: Pravo na grad i Zelena akcija
cinematography: Ivan Slipčević
edited by: Saša Balent, Oliver Sertić
On 26 February, 2009, a hundred or so activists of Green Action and The Right to the City tried to spend a night in Kulmer Palace, owned by Croatian tycoon Ivica Todorić. The Zagreb Master Plan classifies this building in Zagreb’s district of Šestine as a public building in a protected area. However, the Todorić family has exclusive access to that ‘hotel’.

Article 4, Paragraph (2) / 2009. / 7’53”
DANCE CENTER, 21.10.2010.,18.00
author: Igor Bezinović
cinematography: Šuro Gavran
edited by: Jan Klemensche, Ivan Mihoci
production: Restart – male aktivističke priče
Pursuant to Article 4, paragraph (2) of the Institutions of Higher Learning Act, police can act in the University premises only with consent of the Dean or Head of University. On 6 April, on the faculty of Philosophy, that Act was violated, and so was the freedom of speech and movement, when a group of students wanted to hold a symbolic protest against NATO when President Mesić was visiting the Faculty. Will the persons from President’s protocol be sanctioned for their decision to check IDs of the protesters for no reason?

Trailer: The Blockade / 2010/2011 / 4’30”
DANCE CENTER, 21.10.2010.,18.00
author: Igor Bezinović
cinematography: Šuro Gavran, Eva Kraljević
edited by: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Miro Manojlović
production: Restart, Factum
A trailer for the feature-length documentary on the blockade of the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy that took place last spring. The film is expected to premiere in spring 2011.

Students Praying God for Free Education / 2010. / 1’45”
DANCE CENTER, 21.10.2010.,18.00
author: Željka Kovačević
cinematography: Lovro Čepelak
edited by: Lovro Čepelak
production: Fade In
After months of faculty blockades, negotiations and fighting against introduction of mandatory payment for university education, students unwound a banner in Zagreb’s crowded Cathedral, saying: ‘For Free Education, Jesus, We Pray Thee’.

Demolition of the Wall in Varšavska / 2010. / 5’46”
DANCE CENTE, 22.10.2010.,18.00
author: Željka Kovačević
cinematography: Lovro Čepelak
edited by: Lovro Čepelak
production: Fade In
Carrying out its legally disputable project ‘Cvjetni Trg’, private contractor Hoto Group is trying to eliminate the pedestrian zone in downtown Zagreb. These construction works symbolize the years of corruption and dysfunction of public institutions. It triggered mass protests of the citizens of Zagreb. In one of the stages of the defense of the pedestrian zone, citizens and activists tore down the fence erected to separate the site from the citizens.

'66 / 1966. / 3’
DANCE CENTER, 22.10.2010.,18.00
author: Nenad Puhovski
cinematography: Nenad Puhovski
edited by: Martin Semenčić
production: Factum
‘On 20 December, 1966, on the International Vietnam Day, Zagreb’s youth organization rallied against the Vietnam war. It all started in Student Center and was supposed to end up peacefully in front of the U.S. Consulate which was then in Zrinjevac. Everything was OK until we reached Zrinjevac, where (for the first time ever, to my knowledge), mounted police showed up, with helmets, tear gas and other equipment. We exaggerated a bit and started throwing rocks into shop windows; the police were nervous, their horses too… And so it all ended up in chaos. As far as I know, this is the only footage of a public protest in Croatia before 1971’.        
Nenad Puhovski