Poetry and Revolution: The 1971 Student Strike / Poezija i revolucija: studentski štrajk 1971
Branko Ivanda, Croatia, 2000.
Directed by: Branko Ivanda
Script: Branko Ivanda
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Production company: FACTUM, FAS - filmski autorski studio
Cinematography: Tomislav Kovačić, Željko Guberović
Editing: Alfred Kolombo
Music: Arsen Dedić
Format: video
Running time: 60'

A documentary film about the events on the Zagreb University during student demonstrations in the days of ‘Croatian Spring’ 1971. The filming, made by the students of Zagreb Academy of Drama Arts led by directors Branko Ivanda and Zoran Tadić, was forcefully interrupted and the footage was confiscated in order to be used as evidence in court trials that were to follow. After almost thirty years, Branko Ivanda used the ‘surviving’ material and edited it in order to offer his view of the events that were pivotal not only for their protagonists, but also for recent Croatian history.

Directors Biography
Branko Ivanda is a Croatian director and a professor of film and TV direction at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was born in Split in 1941. After completing high-school education and studying comparative literature and philosophy in Split, he obtained his degree in film and theater direction at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. He directs TV feature films, dramas, musical programs, documentary and commercial films. He has received a few international awards for his films (FIPRESCI Award in Berlin, Diploma of Bergamo Film festival). Filmography: ‘Konjanik’ (2003), ‘Dubrovački škerac (2001), ‘Poetry and Revolution: The 1971 Student Strike’ (2000), ‘Sestre’ (1992), ‘Zločin u školi’ (1982), ‘Court Martial’ (1979), ‘Gravitacija ili fantastična mladost činovnika Borisa Horvata’ (1968).

Location and screening schedule: Dance center, Thursday, October 21st at 18.00