Women are Heroes
JR, France, 2010.
Directed by: JR
Script: JR, Emile Abinal
Producer: Juliette Favreul Renaud, Agathe Sofer
Production company: 27.11 Production
Cinematography: Patrick Ghiringhelli
Editing: Hervé Schneid
Music: Patrice, Massive Attack, Jean-Gabriel Becker
Format: video
Running time: 80'

In his film 'Women Are Heroes', photographer JR takes his audience into some exceptional women’s lives. Because there are, most of the time, the first victims in war-time and left to their own during peace-time, JR pays tribute to those women who, in spite of the hurdles, keep smiling, keep fighting and keep hoping a better life. From Rio’s shantytowns to Kenyan slums, passing by Indian and Cambodian streets, he offers a fresh look at their struggles and expectations. Displaying their portraits via huge montages on their neighborhood’s walls, JR sublimates those extraordinary destinies and sheds the lights on those strong and moving personalities, too rarely recognized enough. 'Women Are Heroes' invites you to travel and discover those women, who, day by day and each one with a particular way, struggle to make this world better. Before all, this film is a real travel through JR’s art.

Directors Biography
JR is a photographer and owns the biggest art gallery in the world. He exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not the museum visitors. After he found a camera in the Paris subway, he did a tour of European Street Art, tracking the people who communicate messages via the walls. In 2006, he achieved Portrait of a generation, portraits of the suburban 'thugs' that he posted, in huge formats, in the bourgeois districts of Paris. In 2007, with Marco, he did Face 2 Face, the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever. JR posted huge portraits of Israelis and Palestinians face to face in eight Palestinian and Israeli cities, and on the both sides of the Security fence / Separation wall. In 2008, he embarked for a long international trip for 'Women', a project in which he underlines the dignity of women who are often the targets of conflicts. 'Women' soon became feature documentary 'Women are Heroes'.

Location and screening schedule:
Europa cinema, Thursday, October 21st at 9.00
Tuškanac cinema, Thursday, October 21st at 16.00