Ross McDonnell, Carter Gunn, Ireland, 2009.
Directed by: Ross McDonnell, Carter Gunn
Producer: Morgan Bushe, Macdara Kelleher
Production company: Fastnet Films
Cinematography: Ross McDonnell
Editing: Carter Gunn
Music: Clogs
Format: video
Running time: 83'

The unexplainable phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder has left landscapes of empty beehives all across America, threatening not only the beekeeping industry but food supply.As scientists and beekeepers search for the cause, Colony captures the struggle within the beekeeping community to save the honeybee and themselves. Colony documents a time of unprecedented crisis in the world of the honeybee through the eyes of both veteran beekeeper, David Mendes, and Lance and Victor Seppi, two young brothers getting into beekeeping when most are getting out. As Mendes tries to save the nation’s collapsing hives, the Seppi’s try to keep their business alive amidst a collapsing economy.

IDFA – First Appearance Award

Directors Biography
Carter Gunn is a documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. Since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Carter has worked extensively in both production and post-production on a wide ranging number of television shows and documentaries most notably HBOs ‘I am Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk’, ‘No End in Sight’ and ‘Quest for Honor’. ‘Colony’ is his feature length directing debut.

Ross McDonnell was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1979. He completed his BA in Communications Studies at Dublin City University and his MA in Film from DIT. He has worked on a wide variety of commissions, long-term projects and grant awards as a photographer, cinematographer and director. ‘Colony’ is his first feature length film.

Location and screening schedule:
Europa cinema, Tuesday, October 19th at 9.00
Tuškanac cinema, Tuesday, October 19th at 16.00
Dokukino Croatia, Wednesday, October 20th at 19.00