Behind the Wire / Aiz Žoga
Liene Laviņa, Latvia, 2010.
Directed by: Liene Laviņa
Producer: Simona Kļaviņa, Antra Cilinska
Production company: Juris Podnieks Studio
Cinematography: Reinis Kalnaellis, Viljams Timrots
Editing: Sandra Alksne
Format: video
Running time: 27'

This film tells of young lives in the Cesis ( Latvia) young offenders unit, which is governed by its own codes and its own order. Where unwritten rules are more powerful than the written word. Much can be understood from the youth's gestures, from facial expressions and from their actions. Secretive, uncommunicative; victims yet perpetrators of crime. But, still children. The largest part of the film has been based on the visual narration and interviews, on the everyday life of Guntars Stefans (18). Boys have been portrayed in everyday situations such as meals, school, leisure time. Each of them have problems with family members, most of them are not visited by parents at all. Even though Guntars Stefans is trying to communicate with other guys, nobody trusts him and relationships are tough. He has been izolated from others, because others are threatening him physically and morally. His only chance to escape from institution and conflicts is to be transferred to adult prison in Latvia. He hopes to find there more peace, trust and people who are going to become his friends.

Directors Biography
Liene Laviņa attended Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn, Estonia (Filmmaking, journalism, TV documentaries) and European Film College, Ebeltoft (Directing films, writing). Directed short movies, student works.

Location and screening schedule:
Europa cinema, Tuesday, October 19th at 9.00
Tuškanac cinema, Tuesday, October 19th at 18.00
Dokukino Croatia, Friday, October 22nd at 19.00