Presumed Guilty / Presunto Culpable
Roberto Hernández, Geoffrey Smith, Mexico, 2009.
Directed by: Roberto Hernández, Geoffrey Smith
Producer: Layda Negrete, Roberto Hernández, Martha Sosa, Yissel Ibarra
Production company: Lawyers with Cameras
Cinematography: John Grillo, Amir Galván, Luis Damián Sánchez, Lorenzo Hagerman
Editing: Felipe Gómez, Roberto Hernández
Music: Camilo Froidevalm Raul Vizzi
Format: video
Running time: 86'

What is it like to be picked up off the street, told you have committed a murder you know nothing about, and find yourself behind bars for 20 years? In December 2005 this happened to Toño Zuniga in Mexico City, and like thousands of other innocent young men he was condemned for a crime he had never committed. 'Presumed Guilty' is the story of two young lawyers and their incredible struggle to free Toño.

DocumentaMadrid – Best Documentary Award and Audience Award,
East End Film Festival, London – Best Feature Documentary Award,
Los Angeles Film Festival – Audience Award for Best International Feature,
San Francisco International Film Festival - Golden Gate Best Bay Area Documentary,
Guadalajara International Film Festival – Best Documentary Award,
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival – Amnesty International Award,
One World Media – Feature Documentary Award,
Sarajevo Film Festival – Audience Award

Directors Biography
Roberto Hernandez is a lawyer, educated in Mexico and Canada. The fact that Mexican legal system ‘boats’ such catastrophic statistics made him start making films. After his first short film ‘El Tunel’, he spent three years producing the award-winning feature-length debut, ‘Presumed Guilty’.
Geoffrey Smith was born in Australia. He fell in love with film while traveling around the world, when in 1987 he helped make a documentary on the first election in Haiti after a 31-year break. Having uncovered a massacre of 21 voters in a schoolyard, Smith himself was wounded. After recovery, he returned to Haiti to find the murderer and he documented it all in his film ‘Searching for a Killer’. ‘Presumed Guilty’ is his second feature documentary.

Location and screening schedule:
Europa cinema, Wednesday, October 20th at 9.00
Tuškanac cinema, Wednesday, October 20th at 18.15
Dokukino Croatia, Wednesday, October 20th at 21.00
Tuškanac cinema, Sunday, October 24th at 21.00