Me, My Gypsy Family and Woody Allen / Io, la mia famiglia rom e Woody Allen
Laura Halilovic, Italy, 2009.
Directed by: Laura Halilovic
Script: Laura Halilovic, Nicola Rondolino, Davide Tosco
Producer: Davide Tosco
Production company: Zenit Arti Audiovisive
Cinematography: Laura Halilovic
Editing: Marco Duretti
Music: Fabio Barovero, Bruskoi Prala, Giuseppe Napoli
Format: video
Running time: 50'

With a small handheld camera, 19 years old director Laura Halilovic documents the past and above all the present of her family, who came to Italy from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of the 1970s. Unlike Laura, many of her relatives, including her idiosyncratic grandmother, still travel around in caravans. It is obvious from the hateful reactions of the local population and the attitude of state authorities, however, that this nomadic way of life has already had its day in Europe, not to mention Berlusconi's Italy. This cheerful and surprisingly inventive film with excellent music offers an unconventional view of the Roma people - from the very heart of this community itself. Humorously, the author also finds herself getting involved in the action when her family tries to force her to marry, which she refuses to do. Her dream is to become a filmmaker. She definitely has the talent to succeed in this field. If only Woody Allen would answer her letters...

Rolling Film Festival – Audience Award,
Visioni Fuori Raccordo Film Festival – Best Documentary,
Bellaria Film Festival – Jury Mention, Ucca Prize,
One World Festival, Kosovo – Best International Documentary Award,
Monte-Carlo Television Festival – Grand Prix for Author's Documentary,
Écrans Festival – Écrans d’or in the feature-lenght section ,
Martini Award – Cinema Against Racism Award, Special Jury Mention

Directors Biography
Laura Halilovic was born in 1989. Since January 2007 she collaborates as director assistant to the activities of the Cultural Centre for Communication and Media in Turin, a project named ITER (Institution for a Responsible Education) set up by the Department of Educational Services of Turin. 'Illusion', her first short film, has won the 2007 edition of Under-18 film festival and it was broadcasted on Rai 3. 'My, my Gipsy Family and Woody Allen' is her first documentary.

Location and screening schedule:
Europa cinema, Wednesday, October 20th at 9.00
Tuškanac cinema, Wednesday, October 20th at 18.15
Dokukino Croatia, Thursday, October 21st at 19.00