Pawns / Pijuni
David Pejić, Joseph Amodei, Croatia, 2010.
Directed by: David Pejić, Joseph Amodei
Script: David Pejić, Joseph Amodei
Producer: Lana Tannir
Production company: Niclaris Productions, LSP Productions, Next Tuesday Productions
Cinematography: Michael Marabella
Editing: David Pejić
Music: Jeffrey Brice
Cast: Zach Lasry, Nina Ljeti, Sean Brannon
Format: video
Running time: 20'

Max is a native New Yorker who would, in the harsh light of modern society, be objectively seen as a slacker. Scared to live his life to the fullest, he finds comfort in the stability and routine of playing chess. As a regular persona at the chess tables of Washington Square Park, Max uses the game as a means to escape from the fact that he lacks a permanent job and definite purpose. After stumping a handful of his regular opponents, Max is approached by Nina, a bright young acting student. She offers him a deal: they play a game and if he wins, they go on a date. Max accepts the offer and the game commences. As pieces move around the table, excerpts of Max and Nina’s future relationships are shown. These excerpts linearly gradate from love to hate as Nina, the ambitious idealist, smokes Max out of his comfort zone. The events of their future relationship culminate in a vicious argument that directly corresponds to the conclusion of the chess game in the present time.

Directors Biography
David Pejić was born in Zagreb. In 2009 he enrolled in Film Directing studies at the New York University. He is now a second-year student there. He worked on numerous film projects as a director and director of photography.

Joseph Amodei was born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is currently pursuing a degree in Film and Television Production at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He is also seeking minor degrees in Producing and The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology in hopes of eventually breaking into the legal side of the entertainment industry.

Location and screening schedule: Tuškanac cinema, Monday, October 18th at 23.00