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Tomislav Šoban, Croatia, 2010.
Directed by: Tomislav Šoban
Script: Tomislav Šoban
Producer: Tomislav Šoban
Production company: Kino klub Zagreb
Cinematography: Lorik Sopi
Editing: Miro Manojlović
Cast: Ines Cokarić, Matija Posedi, Nika Stanko, Nikola Nedić
Format: video
Running time: 10'

Zrinka and Ivan are coming home from a party. As soon as they enter into the building, Zrinka starts asking questions about a girl with whom Ivan had spent most of the time at the party. She was his high school sweetheart and he does not attribute too much significance to it. Driven by curiosity and jealousy, Zrinka tries to get hold of Ivan’s cell phone. She finds out from the cell phone that took the number of that girl and concludes from the last call that he also gave his number to her. There is a quarrel and Zrinka demands that he send that girl text message asking her to delete his number from her cell phone and he would do the same in his cell phone. After the row Ivan agrees to send a message to the girl provided that he does not have to show Zrinka the message.

Directors Biography
Tomislav Šoban was born in Zagreb in 1981. In 2004 he graduated in Graphics at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, in the class of Prof. Frane Paro. He is the author of the on-line documentation project Still Shorebirds. He held several individual exhibitions in the VN and Nova Galleries in Zagreb. He also made a short documentary video 'Zelena granica', which was shown at domestic and international festivals.

Location and screening schedule: Tuškanac cinema, Tuesday, October 19th at 23.00