Forest Creatures / Šuma summarum
Ivan-Goran Vitez, Croatia, 2010.
Directed by: Ivan-Goran Vitez
Script: Ivan-Goran Vitez
Producer: Ankica Jurić Tilić
Production company: Kinorama i Propeler d.o.o. (Slovenija)
Cinematography: Tamara Cesarec
Editing: Mato Ilijić
Music: Hrvoje Štefotić, Siniša Krneta
Cast: Vili Matula, Hana Hegedušić, Ljubiša Savanović, Nataša Dangubić, Marko Makovičić, Željko Konigsknecht, Sanja Hrenar, Jakša Borić, Đorđe Kukuljica, Ivan Glowatzky, Vanja Matujec, Luka Peroš, Vinko Kraljević, Nina Violić, Luka Petrušić, Mirna Medaković, Anita Matić, Dražen Bratulić, Goran Navojec
Format: 35mm
Running time: 120'

The new Dutch owner of a Croatian marketing agency is organizing an action-style team building for his employees over weekend. After rafting which ends up with an incident, the employees divide in two paintball groups. While making their way through the forest full of surprises – a local family who is plotting against their lives, suspicious instructors, a random pair of hikers and bizarre accidents. As the day comes to its end, it is clear that, after this game, nothing will ever be the same.

Festival igranog filma u Puli 2010 – Golden Arena for Best Editing, Golden Arena for Best Costumes

Directors Biography
Ivan-Goran Vitez was born in 1975. He studied film and TV directing and dramaturgy at the Zagreb Academy of Drama Arts. He directed and wrote two well-received short films ‘Pomor tuljana’ (2000) and ‘Posljednja pričest (2005). He also made a documentary film ‘Male ruke’ (2001).
He directs the TV series ‘Zakon’ (2009). He wrote and directed 12 episodes of TV series ‘Bitange I princeze’ (2005/2006). His short film ‘Posljednja pričest’ won him a number of awards, including Golden Pram for Best Film in Checkered Selection of the Zagreb Film Festival 2005.

Location and screening schedule:
Tuškanac cinema, Wednesday, October 20th at 13.00
Europa cinema, Wednesday, October 20th at 22.00
Europa cinema, Thursday, October 21st at 17.00