Tilva Rosh / Tilva Roš
Nikola Ležaić, Serbia, 2010.
Directed by: Nikola Ležaić
Script: Nikola Ležaić
Producer: Uroš Tomić, Mina Đukić, Nikola Ležaić
Production company: Film House Kiselo Dete, Vision team
Cinematography: Miloš Jaćimović
Editing: Nikola Ležaić
Cast: Marko Todorović, Stefan Đorđević, Dunja Kovačević, Marko Milenković, Nenad Stanisavljević, Nenad Ivanović, Filip Maksimović, Miloš Petrović, Nenad Miladinović, Vlatko Ristov, Nikola Milovanović, Boško Đorđević, Aleksandar Pavlović, Milan Radosavljević, Radoje Čupić, Dragana Mrkić, Ljubomir Todorović, Nenad Pećinar, Dragan Stojmenović, Raca Rukavina
Format: video
Running time: 102'

Bor, Serbia, was once the largest copper mine in Europe, now it is just the biggest hole. Best friends, Toda and Stefan spend their first summer after high school skating in the abandoned mine and making ‘Jackass-like’ videos. When Dunja, a friend who has returned from France for her summer holidays, arrives on the scene, the boys vie for her attention in ways that tear at the fabric of their relationship. Straining their friendship further, Stefan will be going to University in Belgrade in the fall while Toda professes he wouldn't go to University, even if he had the money. In the meantime, Union protests in town, which started small, gain momentum and the boys are thrust back together under a common cause.

Sarajevo Film Festival – Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Film and Best Leading Actor (Marko Todorović)

Directors Biography
Nikola Ležaić was born in 1981 in Bor, Serbia where he finished high school. He studied film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He was a co-founder of a comic group named SMOG, and a co-founder of the first literary movement of the 21. century named Metasynchrism. 'Tilva Rosh' is his feature debut.

Location and screening schedule:
Tuškanac cinema, Thursday, October 21st at 13.00
Europa cinema, Thursday, October 21st at 22.00
Europa cinema, Friday, October 22nd at 17.00
Europa cinema, Sunday, October 24th at 21.00