The Unloved
Samantha Morton, UK, 2009.
Directed by: Samantha Morton
Script: Tony Grisoni, Samantha Morton
Producer: Kate Ogborn
Production company: EM Media, Film4, Revolution Films
Cinematography: Tom Townend
Editing: Colin Monie
Cast: Molly Windsor, Robert Carlyle, Susan Lynch, Lauren Socha
Format: 35mm
Running time: 106'

Eleven year old Lucy leaves the house of her abusive father. When social services give up on trying to find her a foster home she is taken to a children shelter, where she meets Lauren. At first, sixteen year old Lauren responds with hostility and contempt towards her small roommate, but soon enough a delicate friendship evolves between the two abandoned girls, and their joint powers even allow them to expose an affair of serious abuse within the children's house. The expressive actress Samantha Morton is inspired by personal experience for creating her first film, 'The Unloved', which paints a sad and brutal reality in which children long for warmth and love.

Thessaloniki Film Festival – Official Competition

Directors Biography
Samantha Morton has been hailed as one of the foremost actresses of her generation. Her career to date has seen her work with some of the most respected directors in the world, including Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen. The diverse and often difficult choices of role she has made are reflected in the list of accolades including her recent Golden Globe alongside BAFTA and EMMY nominations. She has also received two Academy Award nominations for Jim Sheridan’s 'In America' and Woody Allen’s 'Sweet and Lowdown'. In 2005 Samantha received a Half-Life Achievement Award from Dennis Hopper’s Cinevegas Film Festival. 'The Unloved' is her directorial debut.

Location and screening schedule:
Tuškanac cinema, Friday, October 22nd at 13.00
Europa cinema, Friday, October 22nd at 22.00
Europa cinema, Saturday, October 23rd at 17.00