Deadly Maria / Die Tödliche Maria
Tom Tykwer, Germany, 1993.
Directed by: Tom Tykwer
Script: Tom Tykwer
Producer: Stefan Arndt, Tom Tykwer
Production company: Liebesfilm, ZDF
Cinematography: Frank Griebe
Editing: Katja Dringenberg
Music: Klaus Garternicht, Tom Tykwer
Cast: Nina Petri, Katja Studt, Juliane Heinemann, Josef Bierbichler, Péter Franke, Jean Maeser, Joachim Król, Rolf Peter Kahl
Format: video
Running time: 106'

This psychodrama looks into the events that lead an introverted woman into taking extreme action against her oppressors. Poor Maria has spent her life being ignored and pushed around by men. First there was her invalid father whom she waited on hand and foot. Then there was her cold and emotionally distant husband. Maria has been internalizing her rage for years. Her anger finally erupts when her husband takes the little bit of money she'd been secretly saving over the last few years. She kills both her husband and her father.

Bavarian Film Awards 1995 - Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Young Direction
German Camera Award 1994 - German Camera Award for Feature Film, Outstanding Editing
German Film Critics Association Awards 1994 - Best Film
Hof International Film Festival 1993 – Best New Director
Max Ophüls Festival 1994 - Best Young Actress
Sochi International Film Festival 1994 - Special Jury Award

Directors Biography
Tom Tykwer, born 1965 in Wuppertal, Germany, is a film director, screenwriter and composer. He moved to Berlin in the 1980s and worked as a projectionist and booker in various independent art house cinemas. In 1987 he became the programmer of the Moviemento cinema and was known to German directors as a highly respected film buff. There he met and befriended the filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim, who urged him to create stories from his own experience – that's how he made his first short 'Because' (1990). His filmography as a director includes 'Deadly Maria' (1993), ‘Winter Sleepers’ (1997), ‘Run Lola Run’ (1998), ‘The Princess and the Warrior’ (2000), ‘Heaven’ (2002), ‘Perfume – the story of a murderer’ (2006) and ‘The International’ (2009). Tom Tykwer is co-founder and partner of the Berlin based film production company X Filme Creative Pool GmbH (1994).

Location and screening schedule: Dance center, Tuesday, October 19th at 21.00