Stormheart / Myrsky
Kaisa Rastimo, Finland, 2008.
Directed by: Kaisa Rastimo
Script: Kaisa Rasimo, Marko Rauhala
Producer: Antti-Veikko Salo, Pekka Levola
Production company: Stormheart Oy Ltd
Cinematography: Tuomo Virtanen
Editing: Antony Bentley
Music: Iiro Ollila
Cast: Ronja Arvilommi, Laura Malmivaara, Janne Virtanen, Sara Tammela
Format: video
Running time: 90'

The father of a Finnish family visiting the crumbling Berlin Wall rescues a cute puppy, Stormheart, and takes him back to Finland as a pet for his daughters. No one in the family knows anything about the dog, not even its breed. Little by little, the mystery of Stormheart unravels, and the dog´s new owners learn more about him. They find out that Stormheart´s parents had served as guard dogs at the Berlin Wall. In the film, drama, comedy and tragedy are created by the mere breed-typical behaviour of the Caucasian Shepherd. Pearl, the 7-year-old daughter of the Finnish family, takes the puppy under her wing. In the care of the tender-hearted family, trained only by little Pearl, Stormheart grows up with no rules or boundaries. In six months, the dog that has grown up to the size of a bear undertakes the task of removing all dangers, threats and obstacles from the path of Pearl, his little protégé. And Pearl, in return, loves Stormheart unconditionally.

International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience, Schlingel –Best European children´s film, Best child actress
London Children´s Film Festival – Audience Choice Award
European Youth Film Festival of Flanders – Audience Award
Leeds Young People´s Film Festival – Best Film for Young Jury
Riga´s International Film Festival of Berimor – Audience Award
Kodomotachino Kinder Film Festival Tokyo – Best Film
International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Armenia – Special Mention

Directors Biography
Kaisa Rastimo is a director and screenwriter. She was born in Finland in 1962. Her films won Finnish and international awards. Her film 'Hayflower and Quiltshoe' (2002) achieved international success and her last film ‘Stormheart (2008) won numerous awards at international festivals.

Location and screening schedule:
Europa cinema, Thursday, October 21st at 12.30
Museum of contemporary art, Thursday, October 21st at 18.00