Fadil Hadžić, Yugoslavia, 1967.
Directed by: Fadil Hadžić
Script: Fadil Hadžić
Production company: Producentska grupa 'Most', Viba film
Cinematography: Ivica Rajković
Editing: Radojka Tanhofer
Cast: Antun Vrdoljak, Bekim Fehmiu, Boris Buzančić, Ilija Džuvalekovski, Nada Subotić, Rudolf Kukić
Format: video
Running time: 84'

A young worker's suicide, as an ultimate act of protest, provokes many comments. However, at first it is hard to tell what were the real reasons for the drama of this candid and uncompromising man who took a stand against false friendship, injustice and social hypocrisy. Even his best friend turned his back on him, considering his fight against those stronger than him futile and useless.

Directors Biography
Fadil Hadžić, born in 1922 in Bileća, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a Croatian film director, screenwriter, playwright and journalist, mainly known for his comedy films and plays. Hadžić studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb. He had his screenwriting debut in 1952 with the animated film 'The Haunted Castle at Dudinci' directed by Dušan Vukotić. In 1961 Hadžić had his directorial debut with 'Alphabet of Fear' (Abeceda straha). He was a prolific and versatile filmmaker throughout the 1960s and his film 'Official Position' ('Službeni položaj') won the Big Golden Arena for Best Film at the 1964 Pula Film Festival. In the 1970s and 1980s his output was lower, but in spite of this he won the Golden Arena for Best Director for his 1979 film' Journalist' ('Novinar'). In the early 1980s he effectively stopped making films, and turned to playwriting.In the early 2000s he became active in film again, directing a couple of film adaptations of his comedy plays in 2003 and 2005, followed by the war drama 'Remember Vukovar' ('Zapamtite Vukovar') in 2008.

Location and screening schedule: Dance center, Monday, October 18th at 18.00